European support and DETI

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) is designated as managing authority for the competitiveness programme.

Northern Ireland sustainable competitiveness programme 2007 - 2013

A new website for the Programme is currently under development. If you have any queries please contact the European Support Unit on 02890 529571

2014-2020 ERDF Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme for Northern Ireland

The ERDF Operational Programme was approved by the Northern Ireland Executive and submitted to the European Commission for consideration in July 2014. After a process of inter-service consultation and negotiation between the Commission and DETI, as Northern Ireland ERDF Managing Authority, the Operational Programme was finally adopted by the European Commission in December 2014. The Operational Programme and its corresponding appendices can be accessed below:

A Citizens' Summary of the Programme can be accessed below:

For further information and contact details concerning the 2014-20 ERDF Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme, please visit the link below.

COSME - Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs 2014-2020

State aid

State aid is a specific term which relates to forms of assistance, from a public body, or publicly-funded body, or body under public sector control, given with the potential to distort competition and affect trade between member states of the European Union.

The 'state aid rules' encompass various European regulations, frameworks, articles and guidelines. The European Commission governs member states' compliance with these rules and must be notified of all schemes involving state aid. State aid granted without commission approval is viewed as unlawful.

If you have any queries regarding state aid, please contact Stephen Moore on Tel: 028 9052 9415 or e-mail: