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Census of Employment

Most recent publication

2011 Statistics Bulletin (PDF 3.2 MB)

Archived publications

Users should note that Census of Employment estimates are revised on a biennial basis and therefore the data contained within the archived publications below may have changed since first published.  As a result users should avoid comparing estimates between archived publications.

2009 Statistics Bulletin (PDF 340 KB)

2007 Statistics Bulletin (PDF 329 KB)

2005 Statistics Bulletin (PDF 314 KB)

2003 Statistics Bulletin (PDF 628 KB)

2001 Statistics Bulletin (PDF 92 KB)

1999 Statistics Bulletin (PDF 439 KB)

1997 Statistics Bulletin (PDF 362 KB)

Quality Guidelines
Census Statistical Quality Guidelines March 2006 (PDF 267 KB)

For details on the new Census of Employment sampling and grossing methodology:
Census New Sampling and Grossing 2009 (PDF 51 KB)

For results from the most recent Census of Employment user feedback survey:
Census User Feedback Results (PDF 45 KB)

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