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Tourism Policy

Independent Review of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and Wider Tourism Structures

The Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment commissioned an independent review of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and wider tourism structures. The work of the review commenced in December 2013 and we are now in a position to share with you the findings and recommendations as a result of this research.

DETI would welcome views on the recommendations proposed by the Independent Reviewer.

A copy of the consultation document, the full report and a feedback form can be accessed below:

This consultation is now CLOSED - see below.

Response to consultation on the Independent Review of Northern Ireland Tourist Board and wider tourism structures

Documentation relating to the outcome of the consultation process can be viewed on the links below:

Ministerial Statement

List of Respondents

Outcome of each Recommendation

Programme for Government 2011-2015

The Programme for Government 2011-2015 identifies the actions the Northern Ireland Executive will take to deliver its number one priority – a vibrant economy which can transform our society. Challenging targets for tourism to 2014 have been set in the Programme for Government to increase visitor numbers to 4.2 million and grow tourist revenue to £676million by December 2014.

A key building block within the Programme for Government is the Northern Ireland Economic Strategy which outlines a vision for the economy as one that is “characterised by a sustainable and growing private sector, where a greater number of firms compete in global markets and there is growing employment and prosperity for all”.

Key priorities are aimed at rebalancing the economy to improve the wealth, employment and living standards of everyone in NI. Alongside this, there are a number of immediate and complementary actions aimed at rebuilding the economy to address the impact of the global economic downturn, particularly on employment.

Tourism has the potential to contribute one billion pounds to the economy by 2020.   It is a key driver of our economy and as such is firmly embedded within the Economic Strategy and the Programme for Government.  Tourism will contribute to a number of the strategic themes identified under the Economic Strategy including: competing in the global economy; encouraging business growth; and developing our economic infrastructure.

The Economic Strategy will be central to the delivery of the Executive’s overall strategic aim of an economy which increases wealth and employment opportunities for all and tourism will play its part.  Tourism supports over 40,000 jobs.  It brings new facilities to our towns and cities, creates opportunities in rural areas and is a source of pride for local people.  Income created by the visitor economy directly benefits the region. Tourism is sustainable in times of recession and it is not an industry that can move offshore and it has the potential to create new jobs - especially for young people.

Programme for Government: DETI Tourism Commitments

PfG Commitment 6

Increase visitor numbers to 4.2 million & tourist revenue to £676m by December 2014.

PfG Commitment 18

Provide financial and other support across government to ensure the success of the ni 2012 Our Time Our Place Initiative.

PfG Commitment 65

Support the successful hosting of the 2012 Irish Open and build on that success to secure a further international golf event.