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Northern Ireland Manufacturing Sales & Exports Survey (MSES)

MSES Latest Results - Published 4th December 2013

Current Press Release

MSES Statistical Press Release 2012/13 (PDF 57 KB)

MSES SIC 2007 Data Tables

Table Description File Size
Table 1 Broad Destination Sales from Northern Ireland Manufacturing businesses 2012/13 29 kb
Table 2 Exports to markets within the European Union 2012/13 - 27 kb
Table 3 Exports to markets outside the European Union 2012/13 - 26 kb
Table 4 Share of Sales, External Sales and Exports by Industrial Sector 2012/13 - 30 kb
Table 5 Total Sales, External Sales and Exports by Size of Business 2012/13 - 29 kb

1. Total sales = all sales regardless of destination.
2. External Sales = all sales outside Northern Ireland (including sales to Great Britain).
3. Exports = all sales outside the United Kingdom.
4. Current results are based on a SIC 2007. Previous results were based on SIC 2003 and are not directly comparable with SIC 2007 results.

MSES Publications

Published Title File Size
4 December 2013 Results from the Northern Ireland Manufacturing Sales and Exports Survey 2012/13 641 kb
4 December 2013 MSES Statistical Press Release 2012/13 (PDF 57 KB) 58 kb
29 February 2008 NI MSES Supplement - Barriers to Trade 1221KB
26 February2007 NI MSES Supplement - Barriers to Trade 1227KB

MSES - Quality and Revisions

Table Description File size
7 December 2011 MSES Quality Report 36 kb
7 December 2011 MSES Revisions Policy 13 kb

Manufacturing Sales & Exports Survey Background Notes

Archive data

Contact Details:
Dr Catherine Lynn
Tel: 02890 529359

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