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Petroleum/Coal Statistics

UK Petroleum Industry - Deliveries to Northern Ireland

These are deliveries into consumption, as opposed to being estimates of actual consumption or use.  Deliveries will not necessarily be consumed in Northern Ireland.  Figures are provided by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.  Please note all 2014 and 2013 data are provisional and subject to revision.

UK Petroleum Industry data for 2014, released 27th February 2015:

NI Annual Coal Inquiry

The Annual Coal Inquiry collects information on all coal and other solid fuels shipped into Northern Ireland each year and the purpose for which it was imported: for domestic or industrial use, or for the generation of electricity.  The information is obtained by surveying all coal importing ports in Northern Ireland annually (in January to collect data for the previous year).  This is a voluntary census and the response rate for 2014 was 100%.

Annual Coal Inquiry data for 2014, released 27th February 2015:

Shipments of Coal and Other Solid Fuels into NI 1988-2014 (Excel 45 KB)

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