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NI Annual Business Inquiry

Latest Reporting Unit Results - Published 10 December 2014:

2014 NI Annual Business Inquiry Questionnaire

For details of changes to the 2014 NI Annual Business Inquiry questionnaire please see the link below:

Current Reporting Unit Publication

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Current Reporting Unit Statistical Press Release

Northern Ireland Annual Business Inquiry Additional Tables

Table name Description
Table 1 NIABI - RU Results by Section 2008-2013 (Excel 37 KB)
Table 2 NIABI - LU Results by Section 2008-2012 (Excel 34 KB)
Table 3 NIABI - LU Results by Section 2000-2007 (Excel 35 KB)
Table 4 NIABI - LU Results by Manufacturing Sub Section 2008-2012 (Excel 38 KB)
Table 5 NIABI - LU Results by Manufacturing Sub-Section 2003-2007 (Excel 30 KB)
Table 6 NIABI - Total Purchases of Water and Energy (Excel 11 KB)
Table 7 NIABI - Results by NUTSiii and DCA 2009 - 2012 (Excel 199 KB)

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Usage of NIABI Data

The Annual Business Inquiry is designed and maintained to meet the requirements of a wide variety of users. A summary of these uses can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

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