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There are two measures of employment: the number of people in employment or the number of jobs. These two concepts represent different things as one person can have more than one job. People are classed as employed by the Labour Force Survey, if they have done at least one hour of work in the reference week.

The Labour Force Survey definition of employment covers all employees, self-employed, Government training & employment schemes and unpaid family workers. The Quarterly Employment Survey, the Northern Ireland Census of Employment and the Business Register and Employment Survey measure the number of employee jobs, this definition excludes all self-employed jobs.

Employment Statistics

Labour Force Survey

Quarterly Employment Survey

Survey / Source Description
Business Register and Employment Survey 2012 BRES Statistics Bulletin (PDF 2.4 MB)
Census of Employment

Contact Details:


Business Register and Employment Survey

Jonathan Harvey
Tel: 02890 529474

Labour Force Survey

Andrew Mawhinney
Tel: 02890 529668

Quarterly Employment Survey

Caroline Anderson
Tel: 02890 529484

Further Information

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA)

Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service (NINIS)

Office for National Statistics (ONS)

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