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What will happen to public records of your bankruptcy?

Insolvency Register

The Insolvency Register is maintained by the Bankruptcy and Chancery Office at the High Court and contains records of all insolvencies in Northern Ireland for the last ten years.

Land Registry/Registry of Deeds

Bankruptcy petitions and orders are registered at the Registry of Deeds against your name and may be recorded against documents of title in the Land Registry. If your petition is dismissed or you are discharged from bankruptcy you can vacate your registration in the Registry of Deeds by completing Form 11 (for the petition) or form 13 (for the order) of the Registration of Deeds Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1997 and lodging at the Registry of Deeds. There will be a charge of £4.

If notice of the presentation of the petition or the bankruptcy order has been given to the Land Registry the Order of Annulment should include provision permitting cancellation of any entry in the Land Registry or notice of the petition or any bankruptcy inhibition against your title as the registered owner of the land. You should take a copy of the Order to the Land Registry to have the cancellation made.

Credit reference agencies

The Official Receiver does not send any form of notice to credit reference agencies. The agencies pick up information from other sources such as the Insolvency Register, advertisements of bankruptcies in newspapers, "The Belfast Gazette" and the "Belfast Telegraph", and the Enforcement of Judgements Office.