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Data Licensing

The Geological Survey of Northern Ireland (GSNI) will release geophysical and geochemical data from the Tellus Project on Monday 2nd July 2007.

The Tellus Project is the most concentrated geological mapping project ever undertaken in Northern Ireland. The project, managed by GSNI, has produced new geochemical and geophysical maps and digital data sets that will extend and deepen our knowledge of the geology, soils, surface water, natural resources and environment of Northern Ireland.

These results will interest everyone concerned with the strategic management of the environment and natural resources in Northern Ireland:

These data were collected over the whole land surface of Northern Ireland between 2004 and 2006. The data sets now available also include geochemical data from streams in western Northern Ireland collected between 1994 and 1996.

Data will be released under a simple licensing scheme. Annual licence fees, which are a small fraction of the cost of data acquisition and processing, will apply. Licensing fees may be waived for research organizations and universities presenting a proposal for research that serves the aims of the project.

Before applying, you are invited to visit GSNI to view the data available and discuss their application with our specialists.

More information is available in the licensing document, available below in PDF format.

Data Licensing July 2007 (PDF 852 KB)

For further inquiries please contact:

Tellus Project Manager
Geological Survey of Northern Ireland
Colby House
Stranmillis Court
Tel 028 9038 8462