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Better Regulation

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment has responsibility for ensuring that Northern Ireland Departments operate good regulatory and enforcement practices.

DETI commits to the principles of better regulation in policy making and will utilise the full range of relevant impact assessment tools as part of policy and strategy development.

Since 2001, Northern Ireland Departments have been operating under the Northern Ireland Better Regulation Strategy. The Strategy was introduced by the then Northern Ireland Executive to minimise the burden of red tape on business.

Review of Business Red Tape

ni business info - review of northern ireland business red tapeA Review of Northern Ireland Business Red Tape is underway. It is being led by the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Investment on behalf of Minister Foster and the Executive.

The NI Executive is keen The Review will look to improve the regulatory landscape in Northern Ireland, and reduce unnecessary burden where it may exist for businesses. The team will rely heavily on positive engagement with business representative bodies, businesses and NI Departments and Regulators.

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Better Regulation Annual Report 2012/13

The Better Regulation Annual Report 2012/13 was published on 18 March 2014.

Give us your comments and suggestions

The NICS has launched a new web feedback form giving businesses the opportunity to comment specifically on a regulation that is having a direct impact on them.

Code of Practice on Guidance on Regulations

All NI Departments have signed up to a new Code of Practice on Guidance on Regulations. All new guidance produced by Departments will comply with this new set of rules and existing guidance will comply as and when they are reviewed by the relevant Department.